SEMAG spol. s r. o.

Expression of the director of the company SEMAG

As top manager of our company SEMAG I am interested mostly in total profit of the cooperation with company Trinidon. I can say that the company Trinidon creates a reliable support for our business. I know that access to our long-standing supplier and partner is always professional and serious.

A strong part in the development of our cooperation is a regular communication that enables consequently to fulfil our needs and ideas. I can warmly recommend the company.

Ing. Ivo Tarkowski 
Executive director

Profile of the company SEMAG
SEMAG company is a producer of a wide range of bakery, confectionery and delicatessen products with a long tradition and experience on the Czech market. The company is able to meet the strictest requirements for quality and wholesomeness of the products due to the latest technical and technological equipment. This is confirmed by long-established and often investigated system of the quality management according to standard ISO 9001:2000. The quality is an integral part of all activities within the company, which contributes toa a balanced quality of products and services.
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Details of cooperation
Cooperation have been running from 1998.

Used products and services:

  • operation, maintenance and innovation of company information system Trilex
  • management of all information technologies
  • outsourcing of selected information technology
Information system Trilex is based on the application platform of Magic Software Enterprises Company. This global company has been providing business technology solutions for 25 years. | | |