PEKAŘI a spol., spol. s r.o.


Expression of the director of the company PEKAŘI a spol

Company TRINIDON is our long-standing and reliable partner. I highly appreciate our mutual partnership. In the past, our cooperation started in the field of economical software only. Today sets company TRINIDON all processes related to information technology.

Ing. Vladimír Dubják 
Executive director   

Profile of the company PEKAŘI a spol
This company is engaged in the production of bakery products and their delivery to the stores of its trading partners in the area of Ostrava and in the parts of the neighboring districts of Karvina, Opava, Novy Jicin and Frydek-Mistek. In the market of bakery products belongs this bakehouse to traditional producers, especially in the area of current and fine pastry. Already more than 45 years is the production of baked goods provided according to traditional recipes, using only good-quality materials.
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Details of cooperation
Cooperation have been running from 1999.

Used products and services:

  • operation, maintenance and innovation of the company information system Trilex
  • management of all information technologies


Information system Trilex is based on the application platform of Magic Software Enterprises Company. This global company has been providing business technology solutions for 25 years. | | |