What are the advantages of Trilex?

  •  Excellent stability, reliability and minimal need for service interventions. Trilex is built on the outstanding application platform of Magic Software Enterprises Company.
  • Trilex works long time for many clients and you can ask them for references.
  • Trilex is an open system that allows adaptation to the conditions of your company.
  • Special communication channel will give you the possibility to solve your problem online with Trilex designers and technicians. You can be sure that you will meet with a personal approach and sincere desire to solve your problems.
  • You have an online access to the company information all over the world.
  • Any service work can be easily provided remotely, which ensures a faster response time and will also save considerable resources associated with the service opereation.
  • Reliable data backup with a quick recovery.

"Information system Trilex works, but it does not interfere with anyone."

Information system Trilex is based on the application platform of Magic Software Enterprises Company. This global company has been providing business technology solutions for 25 years. | | |