What can Trilex do?

 Trilex information system contains all program modules important for the operation of mid-sized and even large companies. A big advantage of Trilex system is its operation on the same datebase and the fact that all authorized users, from business director to store-keeper, have an access to it. There is guaranteed the homogeneity of the database, continually updated data and high stability of the system. When installing Trilex we always adjust its functions to customer's requirements.

Modules of Trilex information system

  • accounting
  • finances
  • financial analyses
  • business
  • store
  • production
  • EDI
  • terminal
  • property
  • wages & personal department
  • attendance
  • catering
  • transport
  • handling
  • purchasing management
  • lease
  • complaint

"Information system Trilex works, but it does not interfere with anyone."

Information system Trilex is based on the application platform of Magic Software Enterprises Company. This global company has been providing business technology solutions for 25 years. | | |